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Amity® Cables have Hi-End 'Character'!


CHNC-1-HE interconnect cables have gold plated contact surfaces. The braided multiple cables were choosen for their seperate sound character, whereas the sum of these single cables form together the excellent high-end character.of this cable as a whole. Verify this by comparying the price and sound with other cables. Standard length is 80 cm. Other lengths can be made if wished.

SPKCAB speaker cables have many different signal wires woven into one cable which are seperated at the ends to give the standard + and - connections. Our selection of the different single wires, gives this cable it's high definition sound character.


SPKCAB Normaly the connector with the red ring is plugged into the '+* signal side and the other connector with the black ring into the '-' signal side. The 1/4" connectors are gold plated. The result of the bundling of different cables into one cable is a very clean sound with amazing dynamic. Triangle or kettle drums sound the way they should. The standard length is 2.5 meters, but can also be delivered in other lengths

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